Josh Rutley

Creator / Editor / Writer
Sunderland, UK

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Q&A with Josh Rutley

Q: Favourite band (right now)?
Favourite band is American Football, but my favourite artist is Frank Turner. Forever. No questions asked.
Q: Best live gig?
Nordic Giants, first and best.
Q: What is your worst habit?
Looking up from Netflix and realizing it's 5am (again)
Q: A year ban from music for £1million, yay or nay?
Yay verily, think of all the music that accumulates and waits to be discovered in a year and all the fun it is finding it. Plus I need a PS4
Q: You're a record label owner, who is your first signing?
Invalids, never before was there a noodle wizard quite like Pete Davis.
Q: What is your take on the current music industry?
Rife with capitalism, music shouldn’t get big based on a popularity algorithm. I imagine new and interesting music as a blade of hay in a needle stack, but it’s totally worth it.