Katie Croft

London, UK

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Q&A with Katie Croft

Q: Favourite band (right now)?
Q: Best live gig?
Architects @Mccluskys
Q: What is your worst habit?
Not going to the toilet before I go on a epic car journey so I end up singing really high pitched until I get to the next services.
Q: A year ban from music for £1million, yay or nay?
Tough question actually haha But I dont think I could as music is a big influence for all things I do within my life.Music is a big part of my life.
Q: You're a record label owner, who is your first signing?
Black Tongue, The Colour Line, Our People vs Yours, Sworn In, Martyr Defiled, In Archives, Canvas, Malevolence, Shields, Climates, Carcer City, Doomed From Day One, Heights, Monuments and Silent Screams.