Lionel Taplin


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Q&A with Lionel Taplin

Q: Favourite band (right now)?
at the moment-weekend nachos, all time-refused
Q: Best live gig?
Warped Tour 1998 at Reading Fest
Q: What is your worst habit?
listening and enjoying the following 70s prog rock, 80s pop music, 90s hip hop and blink 182
Q: A year ban from music for £1million, yay or nay?
don't need it, have shares in relentless and front magazine.
Q: You're a record label owner, who is your first signing?
sonace(but they recently split) or gnarwolves
Q: What is your take on the current music industry?
everything in one form or another will be sponsored by either a energy drink/lads mag/betting shop or hairdressers. hardcore shows will double up as after school karate clubs.