Speaking In Italics - Painted Sky (EP)

Melodically charged music takes centre stage when describing Speaking In Italics. The Leicester based band take their sound through the conceptual treatment, combining high powered guitar riffs and monumental lyrics that will take the listener on an escape route away from tedium.
Their new EP, Painted Sky, latches onto the mind like a thousand leeches gunning for blood. It’s a compelling release, capturing a youthful outpouring of depressive moments and that niggling feeling of anxiousness. There’s definitely a bomb going off in Kyle Brook’s head; the lead singer embraces the macabre: shooting his mouth off and placing the words in all the right places, connecting the dots and building a musical puzzle. Speaking In Italics are hungry too; their music showcases the desires and neediness for notability.
There’s a shuddering sound that flows throughout Painted Sky; it’s haunting and somewhat insincere. The darkness that exudes from it isn’t pure, but it’s a record that ultimately takes its place as a fresh opus, an album that has been engineered to enthral.
The EP begins with More Than Fiction, its loud start manages to keep the interest on guard. The vocals from Brook are toned well and the refreshing guitar work naturally compels. Lyrically, we’re given notes of despair and metaphors. Vultures starts off with a swooping guitar sound that is strong and worthy. The lyrical play is wonderful too: a story is told through the microphone, a story that is intelligently on point. Leave The Light is subtle compared to the previous tracks, it keeps the momentum flowing. There’s a fable again, bursting to be told and to be understood.
Speaking In Italics certainly know how to play commanding music that evokes. It can be blistering, it can be subtle and sombre. Their new record Painted Sky is a triumph and it deserves to be listened to with an open mind.