Out by Nine - Falling From the Sun EP

Out by Nine are the self-proclaimed “real deal.” They’re bored with the mainstream chart music and are on a quest to create a dynamic and authentic sound. Their debut EP is short and sweet with only three tracks but it’s packed with variety and that old school, “local lads” vibe.

It’s true, Out by Nine are a band that we would expect to hear in our local and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The EP itself isn’t polished, it isn’t perfect but it’s got a punch.  Starting off with SOKH, which gradually glides into a rough and ready indie track, it’s reminiscent of early 2000s indie bands like The Pigeon Detectives; a style which has slowly faded from the mainstream circuit. However, it would be a discredit to the band to simply label them as “The next Fratellis” as they do have a certain quality that makes them extremely likeable and interesting.

According to their description, the band themselves don’t claim to be “full of angst” and we don’t believe that they’re trying to be unique and quirky by singing about bad break ups or going out to the bar with the lads. This is shown by the light-heartedness of Love and Hate. Vocally, Jake Saxon doesn’t have a huge range nor an impressive set of lungs on him, but it suits the band down to the ground. Oddly, the band's “technical” imperfections are what makes them great. Got Me Down is, admittedly a little angsty and sour but a really good song full of energy and grit.

From a technical point of view, the band won't be selling millions of albums or featuring on Radio One any time soon. However, Falling From the Sun is a fantastic EP to listen to. It’s an enjoyable and fun record and it’s obvious that the members absolutely love what they do which makes them a hell of a lot more credible as a band.
It’s in your face, it’s genuine and it’s good old, local roots stuff.