Palm Reader - Beside The Ones We Love (Album)

Palm Reader's follow up to their stunning debut album Bad WeatherBesides The Ones We Love is a combination of emotion-filled screams and jolty, Dillinger Escape Plan-esque riffs. The hardcore quintet have produced the best hardcore album the UK has seen since Gallows' Grey Britain, a huge claim, but one that Palm Reader have earned themselves with this album.

The hard hitting introduction of Josh McKeown's throat-splitting vocals over crescendo-ing instrumental on first track I Watched The Fire Chase My Tongue is a perfect way to show off how this band do things. It's loud, it's in your face, and it's extremely talented. However, Palm Reader display they are not limited to this, songs like Sing Out, Survivor and Travelled Paths are over-flowing with emotion. Ambient guitar, poetic lyrics and a strained distant scream show off the diversity and furthermore talent that Palm Reader actually have at their disposal.

As your emotional rollercoaster through the song Travelled Paths comes to an end, prepare to be punched in the face. Following track Stone's Blood begins explosively, and descends into a talented frenzy of a short drum solo flowing effervescently into a wonderful math-y Dillenger Escape Plan like riff as Palm Reader subtly but surely show off their incredible ability at doing what they do, very reminiscent of Converge.

When I had reached this point in the album, I didn't think there was much more that Palm Reader could throw at me. How wrong I was. Black Hand is an excellent showing of an incredible musicianship that the band have in abundance. But it doesn't even stop there.

Eight-minute closing song Unabridged is nothing but a parade, laying out every aspect of Palm Reader's musical ability, and pushing them all together to create one huge and surprisingly progressive anthemic album ender.

Beside The Ones We Love is nothing short of a masterpiece. A blessing to any hardcore fans' ears. If you want to imagine the perfect cross over of Gallows, TDEP and Converge, just listen to Palm Reader. Innovative, catchy, talented, and full of promise.