Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal (Album)

With the release of the single Shadow Moses and the explosive fan reaction which followed, massive things were expected to come along with the album release. Well they’ve only gone and done it again. Bring Me The Horizon’s new album, Sempiternal has been released and the long wait has been justified. As per usual they have switched up the style, throwing in a cleaner approach to their sound this time around.

The opening track Can You Feel My Heart has Oli show off his clean vocals which is a new addition to the band's dynamics and also has some synth thrown in there for good measure which (unsurprisingly) makes an appearance on various other tracks, too.

We then go on to House Of Wolves which no doubt will be a favourite due to some epic breakdowns and catchy lyrics. This will definitely have the crowd chanting along with it at the live shows.

If you were a big fan of their previous album; There Is A Hell Believe Me I've Seen It, There Is A Heaven Let's Keep It A Secret then you’re going to love Go To Hell For Heaven's Sake.¬†Speaking in terms of some classic BMTH riffs & chords, it gives a tinge of their older style to it. This will win over older fans whilst giving those new to the band a taste of where they've come from.

Anti-Vist, which was released as a single is the band’s attempt of a ‘fuck the man’ track but questioning the audience instead. Quite an interesting approach as he preaches that that there’s too many people sitting behind computers saying how they want to change the world but actually do fuck all. A message that most, especially in today's economic climate, can identify with.¬†

Every epic album needs just a dash of violins and this is exactly what we get from Crooked Young.

As with older track It Never Ends we're treated to a similar fast paced intro which leads into some big crowd vocals then.... drop the violins. This track is a big winner.

Sempiternal is definitely one of the big albums for 2013 and worth the listen. It has everything any metalcore fan can ask for; a heavy, awesome range of vocals, brilliant instrumentals with some synth thrown in the midst. Headbanger of an album which you'll just need to stick on repeat to soak in as much as you can.