Quotidian: Deaf Havana - Mildred (Lost A Friend)

Over the years Deaf Havana have undergone some radical changes with the departure and addition of new members. However, the commercial success of Fools and Worthless Liars has pushed them to new heights and now they're back with album number 3. For those who were worried that 'Boston Square' was an indication of a new Deaf Havana sound then they need not worry. Mildred (Lost A Friend) sounds like it could've come straight out of Fools and Worthless Liars. It's still the Deaf Havana we know and love - catchy riffs and the type of chorus where you'll feel out of place if you're seen to not be singing it back at them. The video itself is particularly heartwarming, not featuring the band at all but instead the story of two childhood friends torn apart. The new album is available out on September 16th and catch them on tour from 17th October.