Takedown 2015

Get ready ... it's back!

   Set in the heart of Southampton, the almighty Takedown Festival is coming back for another year of overtaking the University in 2015, bringing us even more of the best established and upcoming acts of the UK. With Mallory Knox headlining the main stage, Charlie Simpson rocking his solo act and InMe playing their album Overgrown Eden in full, 2015 is looking to be one of their most promising years yet.
 Takedown have introduced a band choosing the entire lineup for a stage for 2015! Taking the UK by storm a couple of years back, Fearless Vampire Killers have proved themselves to be really something out of this world. Their stage is entitled the Obsidian Stage and is named after their Album Obsidian Bond which is yet to be released. 
   So as we said, the whole stage has been picked by Fearless Vampire Killers, and so far what's been announced is pretty damn good, and certainly a correct showcase of some of the UK's best talent. The announced lineup currently lies with, Fearless Vampire Killers headlining, with support from ex My Passion - Fort Hope,  Dead, COLT 45, kings of the underground gothic scene Ashestoangels, their sidekicks UGLY LOVE, the incredibly talented City Of Ashes and punk-rockers Miss Vincent.
  As exciting as the Obsidian stage is, the rest of Takedown's lineup is also rapidly growing stronger with every announcement. 2015 sees many bands such as metal riots Bleed From Within, the total and utter chaos crew Baby Godzilla, comedy uprawr The Hell and Southampton's very own Our Hollow Our Home make a return, but it also welcomes bands who haven't played before such as Milk Teeth, electro, metal rappers The One Hundred and Devil Sold His Soul.
   We don't know too much about different stages until they are released along with the last of the lineup next Friday 23rd January, but there is currently over 30 other bands confirmed that have been getting their way up the scene recently, such as Heart Of A Coward, Moose Blood, Rolo Tomassi, Astroid Boys, ALLUSONDRUGS and Decade, among with many slightly less known but equally as impressive bands including ZOAX, Gone By Tomorrow, Creeper, Confessions of a Traitor and Circle Of Reason.
If there is one thing we can suggest to any Takedown goer this year, it is to go out of their way to see as many bands as possible! There is just so many amazing 'unknown' bands playing this year,, and Takedown is one of those festivals whom the underground scene owe a lot to! If it wasn't for events similar to Takedown, there is so much talent that would just go un-noticed, and there's hundreds of bands that wouldn't be given the chance to share the stage with many of the best UK acts. 

Words by Fern Astridge