Backyard Cinema: Apocalypse

Stuck for something to do this week for Halloween? Look no further!

Backyard Cinema returns this Halloween with Apocalypse, a three day cinematic extravaganza and zombie infestation of Camden Lock Indoor Market.

The fiendish festivities will include six screenings of iconic zombie movies (complete with blankets to hide under), a live-action zombie experience, zombie infested courtyard and if you’re hungry for something other than brains Honest Burgers will be there.


Zombieland (18:30) / Evil Dead (21:00) - 31st October

The Cabin in the Woods (18:30) / 28 Days Later (21:00) - 1st November

World War Z (18:00) / I Spit On Your Grave (21:00) - 2nd November

Tickets from £12.00

Check out more information in the movie below