Fearless Vampire Killers - The Haunt, Brighton 21st May 2015

The Haunt, Brighton, England

Over the last few years, the upcoming kings of Goth and Roll, Fearless Vampire Killers have really been making a name for themselves. From playing at festivals such as Download, to having their own stage at Takedown, it really appears they have been doing it all. That's why when they went out on their 16 date tour across the UK, we at Mute Print, thought it was vital we paid them a visit. We were lucky enough to attend the Brighton show, on May 21st at The Haunt.

Opening the night, had to be one of the most interesting new bands we have come across in quite a while. Myth City are a high energy, experimental, rap-rock band from the Midlands. Whilst waiting for them to start, we expected a completely different sound from the band, but what we heard absolutely blew us away. Their sound was so unexpected, yet it was powerful. Imagine if Limp Bizkit meets Hacktivist, but with the result being slowed down. Myth City's live performance contained a vast amount of vigor, and was impressive. There is no doubt about it that they are going to shoot up the ladder of fame soon, so check them out as soon as you can. Perhaps when they support the mighty Enter Shikari at their Download warm-up gig, in Bristol next month?

Zoax, one of our personal favourites were main support. Having seen the lively lads multiple times now, we can honestly say we cannot wait to see another band with as much on stage enthusiasm as Zoax. We don't think it's possible, and now we are going to tell you exactly why. Throughout their entire set, front man, Adam, was either throwing himself into the crowd, or prancing around on top of the bar, acoustic guitar in hand. No matter how many times we see Zoax, we are fairly certain that we will never get tired of their chaotic antics. If you've seen them before, you will know what we are on about, and if you haven't we only have one question. WHY? If you're a fan of fast paced, angry, rock, you need to get yourself to a show as soon as possible. It's not going to be long until they will be selling out much larger venues, so take advantage of the intimate shows whilst you can!
Neon In The Dance Halls was the opening track of Fearless Vampire Killers set, and they started how they meant to go on. There was not a single moment throughout their set where the crowd wasn't going absolutely mad. Even if you didn't move by choice, you could feel yourself being lifted off the ground thanks to the force of everyone around you constantly bouncing. The atmosphere was great, and although not necessarily our crowd, we really enjoyed knowing that every single person in that room was there for the same reason. We also really respect when a band mixes their set up a bit and doesn't just stick to songs from a certain album, it was nice to see a steady mix of tracks from Militia Of The Lost and Unbreakable Hearts, however it would have been nice to have heard something from their first ep, In Grandomina, such as Palace in Flames. That must just be us old school fans though, as a band progresses we find ourselves missing their older music. But, we can't say it is that much of a bad thing, their new music is really taking them down an interesting route, one we can't say we don't enjoy!