P.O.D / Alien Ant Farm

Y Plas, , Cardiff , Wales

It’s 2001 again. P.O.D and Alien Ant Farm are all anybody can talk about.  Youth of the Nation  and  Movies  are the soundtracks to your teenage years, perfectly encapsulating all of your emotions. Fast-forward 14 years and to your surprise all three bands still exist, in fact, are touring together and are probably playing your closest city.

This is the case in Y Plas, Cardiff University’s Student Union. The sold out venue immediately fills itself with a crowd no younger than 18 years old, showing the bands can balance both relevance and nostalgia come 2015.

Alien Ant Farm open up the evening with  Wish , swiftly followed by  Forgive and Forget  and Movies, which inevitably instigates the celebratory cheers and dance. Their performance is as energetic as it would be at the beginning of their careers and their incredibly tight and perfectly on time beat highlight their musical expertise. Newer tracks like Let Em Know sound run smoothly into the set list yet still provide different atmospheric vibe. And lastly, Smooth Criminal triumphantly completes the set.

P.O.D follow, with a somewhat darker tone to their performance. They’re mesmerising and the crowd remains entirely focused throughout. There’s no jokes or laughter but this only contributes to the general serious ethos of their set and strangely enough, the enigmatic performance is made incredibly enjoyable with unforgettable karaoke moments in Alive and Youth of the Nation.

Though certainly a throwback, the bands have only justified why they’re still together. Longevity has worked in their favour and they’re ready to show they’re more than one hit wonders.