Kaiser Chiefs (Live)

Brighton Centre, Brighton, UK

Kaiser Chiefs? Of course you know who they are and if you have a somewhat good memory you will probably be humming, or at least singing along (in your head) to  one of their most popular songs, I Predict A Riot or perhaps Na Na Na Na Naa. Or if you're a slightly newer fan, maybe something from one of their newer albums, The Future is Medieval or Education, Education, Education and War.
   Wednesday 11th February saw the Kaiser Chiefs bring their UK tour with Public Service Broadcasting to the Brighton Centre. Now I will openly admit that this scene in general isn't really my sort of thing and would  be the first concert of it's sort for me, however I grew up listening to the Kaiser Chiefs and was excited even though I had no idea what to expect. I knew it was going to be completely different to the gigs I am used too but I was surprised even more than I thought I would have been.
   Public Service Broadcasting were, weird. Incredibly weird, but at the same time funky and enjoyable. I'd never witnessed anything like it before and for some unknown reason, they've left me wanting to experience the whole thing again. Not listen to their music online or anything as it really isn't for me, but to see them live again. It's kind of difficult to explain but their live show was so bizarre but somehow enticing at the same time and honestly out of this world, you'd have to see their performance for your self to understand  exactly what I mean.
   One of the main things that really made Public Service Broadcasting's set stand out for me was the originality of their sound. We've all heard electronic/funk projects, but this was something different. Definitely not something you'd hear on the radio constantly, but more something you'd here played by a DJ at an underground party. From electric guitar and banjo to electronic vocals (better described as Robot Voices) and no actual singing vocals, their entire set gave off a bouncy vibe which made me and a large portion of the crowd, judging by the general atmosphere of the room, want to rave. One word that could sum up their set has to be amusing, incredibly amusing.
   By the time the Kaiser Chiefs came on stage, I sincerely believed my legs were on the urge of falling off. The doors of the night opened at half six, Public Service Broadcasting weren't on until around ten to eight, with the Kaiser Chiefs eventually making their way onto stage at nine. I was exhausted, but I certainly wasn't feeling dull for long. As soon as they kicked in with the opening song Factory Gates and a ridiculous amount of artificial smoke, I found myself and the crowd jumping as high as we possibly could. The sheer amount of energy that had made itself known within one song was something nobody could argue with. It was incredible. 
  Now I've seen bands play live before, of course I have, but never have I ever seen anything that could come close to as powerful as the Kaiser Chief's set. The majority of bands, come on, play their songs, some crowd surf, maybe jump into the crowd for a bit. Kaiser Chief's however, well they really had it all. Especially front man Ricky, who when he wasn't swinging a camera back and forth that was hanging from the ceiling, then narrowingly dodging it, a little bit like a swingball set up, was dramatically throwing himself around the stage, or crowd for that matter or attacking microphone stands with handheld smoke or confetti cannons. 
   They played quite a steady variety of older and newer songs, however I did notice they avoided playing anything from their album, The Future Is Medieval. I personally think the balance of older and newer songs in their set worked well, and unlike many bands I have witnessed doing so, they didn't play blocks of songs from certain albums, they'd mix everything up a bit. For example after Factory Gates they went straight into Everyday I love You Less And Less and Everything Is Average Nowadays followed by Ruffians On Parade. At one point in their set they welcomed the newly named (thanks to Simon, bassist) 'Bandom Name Generator', to the set where Vjay, drummer, then requested they play Take My Temperature.
  Kaiser Chiefs played all the expected classics such as  Na Na Na Na Naa, Modern Way, I Predict A Riot and they closed their set with Oh My God. Well, not at first they didn't. A good hour and twenty minutes into their set they announced they had come to their last song, then proceeded into playing Coming Home, which is obviously a fitting choice for a final song. Immediately after they finished their 'fake finale' and left stage, the two large screens that had been showcasing the whole performance suddenly lit up to show a comical and entertaining short screen play which showed Dave Grohl, yes you read it right Foo Fighter's front man, swearing and generally ripping the shit out of the Kaiser Chief's for ending on such a short note. It was great. 
   Soon they were back on stage and rioting again, this time with brand new song, Falling Awake and Misery Company before ending the night for real with a slightly extended version Oh My God! 
   The whole night was very well set out and overall a success. I never thought I'd say this, but Kaiser Chief's are the most enthusiastic and generally hyped band I have ever seen live and you should definitely go and see them, even for old times sake. It'll be worth it if it's anything as good as Wednesday night!

Review by Fern Astridge