Butserfest Review

Queen Elizabeth Country Park, Petersfield, United Kingdom

When first arriving at Butserfest, I was unsure on what to expect… No alcohol consumption at a festival? I wasn’t too sure on how this was going to go down.
Setting up my camera, I took time to look around at the people. It seemed the majority of them were young teenagers, however when walking towards the main stage, I noticed there were a mixture of ages. This was definitely down to the awesome lineup!
My first encounter of the day was Aurora on the Main Stage.
Jessica Calvesbert’s screams were certainly strong and empowering; cleans were less effective, I thought. Nevertheless, a great all-round performance by the band .I’m pleased I got to see these brummy metalers as they were a to start the day off!

A band called When We Were Wolves was ripping up the second stage. I’ve heard only good things about these chaps, and they certainly delivered. Everything seemed to work, as a band they fit together and sound fierce with the perks of being in tune.
Back on Main Stage, The Hype Theory was a band I was excited to see, and they definitely exceeded my expectations.
Katy Jackson was on form as well as the rest. Previously performing at Sonisphere and other festivals this summer, these guys went down well with there catchy pop-punk riffs accompanied by melodic harmonies.
Unfortunately I only managed to catch the end of I Decide’s performance, so I can't say too much, though watching from behind the crowd they seemed to have had a positive reaction from the crowd.
Tek-One seemed to keep us waiting a little bit, but their set certainly made up for this. It was a change from previous bands on the Main Stage and to the rest of the bands to come. I think it worked well with the crowd and it gave the opportunity to jump up and down. With just three members on stage, they still held it well and all were brilliant at getting the crowds attention with their stage presence. The only downside was I believe they should have been further up on the bill.
On the alt second stage, Black Futures gave the crowd some sheer excitement due to their bouncing performance.
This is where I saw my first proper mosh pit of the day. The front man Stu Henshaw was always interacting with the audience, which was entertaining to watch. These guys are ones to watch out for.

The first thing I got told when I re-entered the alt tent to see Baby Godzilla was “watch out for your camera, it could get a bashing”. This made me a little nervous but I was like an excited kid at christmas and was very much looking forward for the madness to begin. I heard from last year what these lads are capable of, including swinging off the top of the tent and even scaling it.
Feed The Rhino filled the Main Stage with their heavy riffs, which appeared to be a bit too much for some people, I watched as these people slipped away from the crowd. For the rest it was happy days. Lee Tobin’s vocals were so disgustedly good and brought some girth to this years Butserfest. I wouldn't recommend them for the light hearted, but if you like dirty, gnarly performances these guys are for you!
Off and over the barrier, into the crowd we saw the members go nuts, with guitars high in the air, and Jonny Hall going as far as sitting on someone’s shoulders. This all sends the crowd into a mental frenzy. Their whole performance was exhausting but left me smiling. The only thing that bugged me was I must have spent the whole set trying to follow the band with their every move, which in the end I had to stop due to the crowd pushing and shoving to see what the guys were up to next.
As the sun begins to set, Kids In Glass Houses were on the Main Stage. These pop-punk veterans really showed why they have been in this business for this long. With their greatest hits, we heard the crowd singing along. However, this being their last ever festival loomed over the audience hard and fans were saddened by this emotional announcement. These guys might not be everyone’s first choice, but you can't take it away from them that they are worth listening to.

At 9pm we see the headliners The Blackout come out on stage with a bang. With Sean Smith cracking jokes and hurling friendly abuse to the audience this was enough for everyone to be kept entertained. Even if you’re not a fan, I think he spent most his time in the crowd. It appeared the audience loved this and kept screaming in response.
Over all this years Butserfest was a success. A family-friendly festival with not just a great lineup, but also fun activities and acoustic sets.
Who said a festival without beer couldn't be fun? I can’t wait for Butserfest 2015!