Fury Fest 2014

East Village Arts Club, Liverpool, UK

Despite flitting around like a mad woman attempting to get as many photos of as many bands as possible, I also thought I'd give my opinions on just a handful of the bands' sets who played over the weekend.

I Am The Avalanche have just hit us with their brand new album `Wolverine` which is all round blood, sweat and tears regarding all the struggles of life, which pretty much represents this years headliners' performance at Fury Festival Liverpool 2014. Of course, that is minus the struggle as they certainly did not struggle to handle the excited, committed crowd which greeted them for their set.

Vinnie Caruana is a confident, bold performer who kept the audience wanting more. Many times he jumped forward and appeared to be overwhelmed with the the response the band were getting. The set was full of passion,with the help of strong lyrics with underlying tones of aggression.

Are you after anthemic choruses? Cohesive performers? Then I present to you I Am The Avalanche who guarantee not to disappoint. It's definitely worth checking this awesome bunch of guys out. Be prepared to fill your ears with raw emotion and get ready to become overwhelmed with their steady progression and certainty which this successful rock band produce.

Loud,punchy,outrageous? Yes, Gnarwolves deliver all three! From the moment they stepped on stage their hyperactive,punky personas were released which naturally captivated the audience from beginning to end.

Not once did you see any of the band keep still,always bobbing around created a uplifting atmosphere which automatically kept all the fans going nuts song after song.

I'm sure the music they take very seriously, but throughout the set everyone was kept entertained with hilarious comments made by the friendly faced frontman and the band as the whole. Their performance was simply captivating and by the end of the set so many voices were lost and much sweat was shed.

Desolated's presence was dark and fierce which had the crowd opening up a pit very early on into their first song. Paul Williams the frontman had the look of danger upon his face throughout the bands set which gave them a edgy vibe which struck the audience leaving them with no choice but to fly themselves around the mosh pit.

Their heavy, hardcore melodic sounds makes them a wicked band to see live. Desolated will leave you suffering from satisfied exhaustion where you will have to sit down to regain your strength.

Immediately Malevolence tore up the stage with their almost psychotic presence. The band have awesome stamina with fast, raging songs which consequently make the audience go crazy. Many arms were swinging and everyone was confident in approaching the front of the stage, frontman Alex would confidently look out at his fans.

The set was steady with a mix of slow and fast songs which kept all the humble people watching very happy.

If you're looking for havoc and destruction, but still with a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere then look no further than this band!

This sort of heaviness needs a warning sign. Their performance will compliment anyone who is into girthy riffs with some elements of hardcore. Expect an explosive mess of destruction with plenty of family friendly vibes.Guess I'll See you in the pit with these guys!

This years Fury Fest 2014 was a massive success with a strong lineup. The headliners, I Am The Avalanche did a great job of ending the festival. Much sweat was released and many battered bodies were revealed as the people began to filter at the end. But fuck wasn't it worth it!

All that remains to be said is bring on next year's Fury Fest....it can't come soon enough!

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