Kerrang Tour

O2 Academy , Liverpool, United Kingdom

It’s that time of year again. The annual K tour has returned and it has definitely returned with a different feel from the previous year which saw hordes of fresh-faced teenagers, armed with eyeliner and face paint, take over the K tour as the Black Veil Brides headlined the event. This year however, has opted for a more nostalgic feel as we have the heavyweights of nu-metal taking to the stage; Limp Bizkit. Despite largely falling away from the limelight since they were at the top of the world back in 2000, they’ve shown that they can still rock the stage by headlining the second stage at Download Festival 2013. It’s clear their loyal fans can remember this as well as they flood the 02 academy for a change to re-live the glory days of nu-metal.

First up, however, are Baby Godzilla and, despite the short length of their set, they definitely made the presence known. With a similar style to the fantastic Every Time I Die, Baby Godzilla put on a show full of high-energy antics, screaming vocals and wailing guitars which opened up the night’s festivities with a real bang.  It’s a shame that they were relatively unknown to this crowd as their performance screamed for some crowd interaction but these are surely a band to watch out for in the future. Give this baby some time, I’m sure it’ll grow into a real monster very soon. They were followed by the Californian pioneers of Goblin Metal, Nekrogoblikon – showing that they were definitely the most unique band on the bill as they took to the stage with their mascot in tow; the 6ft green goblin John Goblikon who caused anarchy on the stage. Despite a myriad of technical difficulties that plagued their set – most notably the failure of frontman Scorpion’s microphone – Nekrogoblikon’s set was a hell of a lot of fun. Their crazy songs about bugs, bears and, of course, goblins won over the crowd who couldn’t resist the more infectious songs; most notably Powercore and No One Survives. By the end of the set, they had converted a few of the more sceptical to their ways and left them thirsty for more.

 The third band of the bill were Crossfaith and it’s safe to say that they were definitely the most energetic band of the night. These Japanese synth-metallers burst out onto the stage and simply didn’t stop until the very end;whether it was frontman’s Koie Kenta’s dominating presence in centre-stage or synth player Tamano Terufumi’s affinity for climbing across the stage equipment at any given opportunity – these are a band that don’t do anything by halves. The crowd definitely responded to the energy that radiated from these guys and we start to see the first large mosh pits and crowd surfers emerge to the more well-known songs (Jägerbomb and Eclipse) and, by the end of their set, the room is full of energy and ready for the main event.

Finally, the Florida heavyweights of Nu-Metal, Limp Bizkit take to the stage. It may have been a while since Fred Durst and his boys were at the apex of the nu-metal scene back in the early-2000’s but it’s clear that their name still carries a hell of a lot of weight as the crowd just goes crazy as they take to the stage. Their set opens with Mr. Wes Borland (dressed immaculately in holiday attire, complete with swimming shorts and a lei by the way) performing a short ukulele song before Durst takes to the stage and it all just degenerates into chaos. The venue is wall to wall with head banging and mosh pits as the band start rollin’ (ha ha) through their plethora of nu-metal classics with Faith, My Generation and Hot Dog to name but a few. It has to be said that the best part of the set was definitely the set list – Limp Bizkit knew what the crowd wanted to hear and they gave them what they wanted.

As the gig went on, the band begin to indulge themselves in some covers amongst their hit songs, playing sections of Pearl Jam before launching into full covers of Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box and Smells like Teen Spirit. In all honesty, this slowed the gig down a little, especially since we still had some huge songs to come and the curfew was looming ever closer.  Despite the short detour, Durst soon had the crowd eating out of his hands again with some more smash hits before launching into their chaotic climax; Break Stuff – and believe me, stuff was broken. Lights. Bones. Pride. The mosh pits to this song were exhilarating to say the least and ended the show on a real high note.

This show was a load of fun.  Whether I was reliving the days of yore with Limp Bizkit or seeing the future of the scene with bands like Crossfaith, I enjoyed everything on offer. Every band performed to their fullest and each put on fantastic shows and that’s all you can ask for. Let’s wait and see what Kerrang have in store for us next year.