Lamb Of God/Decapitated/Huntress

Leeds 02 Academy, Leeds, England

For once, invading the Leeds 02 Academy were not the usual saturday night indy kids, or the many pop fans who go to see artists such as James Arthur (never heard of him? me neither.) No. This night was reserved for the most metal of metal heads. Beards, flowing long hair, dreadlocks, mohawks and denim cutoffs unite! From the sheer size and stature of the crowd alone, it immediately becomes apparent as to how large the following of Lamb Of God really is, and one thing becomes clear: Throw a load of large sweaty moshers into a room together, and what will follow is absolute carnage.


The first act to play, Huntress, opened the night in style. Having only ever seen photos of Huntress, without hearing any of their songs prior to the gig, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Alas, I was not disappointed, the female fronted quintet took me by surprise, with Jill Janus’ chord shredding screams shattering every window within a half mile radius, it’s no wonder this band are gaining a rapid following within the metal world. Overlay some brutal guitar shredding over the top of this and you have yourself a brilliant opening act to a night that’s only just started. The only downer on their set, has to have been the rather cringey voice of Janus between songs, screaching every word between songs seemed a bit unnecessary, however the crowd seemed to greatly approve, each to their own.
Having previously seen a description of them calling them ‘porn with good music’, I can fully confirm this statement to be true.

Following on from Huntress, Polish death metal band Decapitated had the crowd hooked before their set even started. Soundchecking to Pantera’s famous hit ‘Walk’ (not ‘Dont Tread On Me' by Metallica as mentioned in the Yorkshire Evening Post! Pssh), they immediately had the crowd in the palm of their hands. Playing songs from a full range of their 5 albums, they put on a brilliant show, with guitars being shredded to pieces, and the brutal voice of Rafał Piotrowski accompanying, their set was beyond heavy, which resulted in some immense moshpits throughout the entire crowd.

A tediously long 40 minutes later, much to the crowds delight, Lamb Of God took to the stage in true style, with the Leeds 02 Academy erupting into a giant hellish pit surrounded by a mass influx of devil horn hand gestures, nothing could have prepared me for the amazing set that awaited. The first thing to strike me, was the quality of the live sound that Lamb Of God put out on their headline tours, with the performance sounding an insane amount better than many other similar style bands, who are made to just sound like ‘noise’ in comparison!
The second thing to strike me was how humble the band are, with one guitarist not being able to make the show, Randy Blythe made it loud and clear to fans that family comes first in their band…This didn't stop them from finding an equally bearded, long haired shredder however, allowing the show to go on. Its hard to think that not too far back from now, Blythe could have been facing manslaughter charges, yet here he is now, playing to an amazed Leeds audience! Opening their set with the song Desolation and playing songs throughout such as Hourglass, The Undertow and Ruin, and finishing on Redneck and Black Label, they gave the fans a jam packed 14 song set, as to which they had no complaints! Overall, the true quality of this show affirms Lamb Of Gods right to be playing alongside some of the biggest names in metal, and was a immensely enjoyed night!