o2 Academy, Leeds, UK

Electronic duo Guy & Howard Lawrence; also known as Disclosure formed in 2010 to bring us the best of British electronica. The brothers have been touring with their album “Settle” since 2010 and it still hasn’t grown stale. 
After catching Disclosure at this year’s Leeds Festival I had quite a good idea what to expect from the Surrey brothers. As predicted I was not disappointed. I was pretty blown away. The intro to their set was just a full minute of throat clenching bass, and I say that literally. The bass from the speakers was so intense it was proving more difficult to breath and the crowd loved it. 
As Disclosure came on stage we dropped straight into their first track “F for You” to which the crowd erupted and of course began to sing back the lyrics. As the crowd raved along to the duo you could see how the energetic Guy & Howard were. If you’ve seen these before you’ll know they both use tech filled set-ups parallel to each other with blinding visuals in the backdrop. The way they were drilling their equipment showed us how hyped they were and that they were going to make this show BIG. 
After this, we dropped straight into “When a fire start to burn.”  Now I’m a big fan of this track but was pretty surprised they didn’t play it first as it made an awesome intro track from the album. Never the less they still pulled it off and got a positive response from the crowd. Catchy simple lyrics, bouncy beat with some synth thrown in there. What more could this crowd expect from Disclosure?
From there we had some relaxed songs back songs such as; “Boiling”, “Tenderly”, “Flow”, “You & Me”, “Stimulation” and the repetitive track “Grab her.” Later on in the set we also got older songs that weren’t from the album which gave the set a nice vibe. We had songs such as “Flow”, “Apollo” and a remix of “Running” with Jessie Ware. Just before “Voices” came on, Howard (The youngest of the two) announced that since this was the beginning of the tour they had a surprise for us. What followed was quite expected (Most shows have at least 1 guest). Sasha Keable rolled onto the stage full of energy and ready to perform “Voices” for a packed out Leeds o2 Academy. I don’t think the collaboration could’ve done a better job. They absolutely killed it. 
Now everyone had been waiting for this next one. We had an extended intro but when the crowd knew what it was, they lost their shit. Chart topping tune “White Noise” was the next on the set list. I couldn’t help but bust some shapes myself. The collaboration with AlunaGeorge is definitely a big one for me. With its sensational synths, bouncy bassline and high pitched vocals – it gives a nice balance to create an insane tune. 
At this point I could tell how passionate they were about what they do with their range of talent. Along with DJing we had them pull out the use of, Vocals, bass, keyboard, percussion and eclectic effects.  These boys definitely deserve to be where they are now even at the surprising age of 19 & 22. 
Following “Voices” we had some more relaxed songs as mentioned above. A positive response from the crowd but nothing major as everyone looked more or less knackered by this stage from the constant dancing. One track which did get a big reaction was “Confess to me.” Everybody knew the lyrics. Definitely a crowd pleaser with some soft vocals and whomping bassline.
Up next we had “Apollo”, “Running” & “Help me lose my mind”. These were more mellow tracks which were needed for what was to follow. I was surprised to hear “Help me lose my mind” as it’s one the softest song on the album. This is a beautiful, well produced track with short but sweet lyrics. This is one of my two favourites on the album “Settle”. 
To finish the set off we ended with my favourite song from the album “Latch”. Unfortunately, we didn’t get Sam Smith on stage as we did at Reading & Leeds but it didn’t matter anyway. The throat clenching bass, the crowd’s reaction and the atmosphere made this last performance absolutely top bollocks. The mix of high pitched & soft vocals, pounding beat, and surreal synths made it worth the wait. 
Disclosure has come such a long way in short a short space. They are talented, entertaining, have built an epic set list with and without the collaborations.  I would definitely recommend seeing these at any opportunity. Their mix of Djing and live percussion really has given it something quite unique. Expect bigger and better things for Disclosure as they’re only growing bigger by the day.