Motionless In White / The Defiled / GOTK

Cockpit, Leeds, United Kingdom

First on the bill were Glamour Of The Kill. Hailing from York, the sold out Leeds crowd had already started the typical Yorkshire chants the second they hit the stage, much to lead singer Davey Richmond’s approval! Other than a few technical problems, the bands set was strong, and it’s easy to tell they’re trying to differentiate from the typical ‘metalcore’ genre they are tagged with. Playing new and old songs, and even a cover of Love Gun by Kiss, they’d successfully worked the crowd into a frenzy for the other two bands.

Next up we have The Defiled, the London based Industrial Metal band got things immediately started with the opening track ‘Sleeper’ from their new album Daggers. The sound The Defiled has adopted really became apparent, with new drummer Needles showcasing his inhuman drumming skills, whilst The AvD (Programming, Synthesizer, Keyboards and Backing Vocals) really lets loose, introducing a mixture of noises no bands should be able to make, all while delivering a stage presence like no other (who the hell throws a keyboard in the air!?). Playing an even balance of songs from Daggers and Grave Times, The Defiled nailed their performance, made for a great watch and were the perfect penultimate band.

Finally, Motionless In White take to the stage, opening up with Devils Night; its mixture of dub-step and metalcore influences whipping the crowd into a free-for-all. Featuring half-naked, fire breathing women, a dress sense that would frighten the most alternative of people, and a presence resembling that of Marylin Manson, it would be easy to confuse their set for a well rehearsed theatre performance (they even nailed the costume changes!), helping to really set the band aside from the majority of metal acts nowadays.

It’s always a talking point, as to whether the band would be bigger if they weren't so over the top, however judging by the sold out venue, its easy to assume that being so different has helped them out monumental amounts! Their set both looked and sounded like a well rehearsed mixture of Slipknot, Rammstein and Marylin Manson, giving the band a truly unique act, and one that is definitely the most memorable ones to grace The Cockpit.

Playing a variety of songs, from the ultra-metalcore Abigail, to the downright eerie A.M.E.R.I.C.A, and finishing on Immaculate Misconception, their set was thoroughly enjoyed, and I would highly recommend going to see them on one of their tour dates!