The Front Bottoms / Rob Lynch

The Roadhouse, Manchester, UK

Rob Lynch opens tonight’s show at The Roadhousewith his unique style of acoustic pop punk. Rob has a real likeability about him that enthrals the half full venue and it’s easy to see why he has been offered slots at prestigious punk festivals abroad such as Groezrock and The Fest. ¬†Closing song My Friends and I is sang by a large portion of the audience with some prompting and everyone seems to have had a good time during Rob’s set, a real treat for the audience to have him open.

The Front Bottoms have done well to get as many people as they have in the venue tonight, their self-titled album has been slowly amassing hype and fans nearly two years after its release and in fact, it isn’t long until the band are due to release the follow up in a matter of weeks. Getting straight down to it with The Beers, The Front Bottoms electrify the crowd and have them singing back every word and jumping up and down as though this was some sort of The Wanted gig. Particular set highlights come from should-have-been-set-closer Maps and unbelievably well written new track Twin Sized Mattress. The Front Bottoms barely pause for breath and ooze massive amounts of charisma for a band that look like an ICT department’s staff party, but it’s easy to see why they’re starting to amass a following over here and hopefully it won’t be long until they’re back!