Bring Me The Horizon / Feed The Rhino

The Cockpit, Leeds, UK

It's been a while since we last saw Bring Me The Horizon in Leeds, and tonight the air is drenched with anticipation for the lads' intimate album release show. The show has been put on as a reward for fans who have pre-ordered their new album Sempiternal which was released yesterday, and in a more intimate venue such as The Cockpit, we're eagerly awaiting what they've got in store for us tonight.

The entire set is being streamed live to the internet tonight which you can check out at the bottom of the post, and everyone files in, swarming to the front, desperate to get to a place in the venue where they can see without being practically trampled on by the hordes of fans. There's no doubt that this will be the last chance we get to see Bring Me The Horizon in a venue as small as this, and we feel truly honoured to have been given the chance to be there.

Feed The Rhino swarm the stage, filling as much of it as possible. Although we enter the venue early, it is a while before we can locate a suitable vantage point to actually see the show, so we don't manage to catch as much of their set in an enjoyable capacity as we'd like....but it's Feed The Rhino, we know what they're capable of, we know their live set is incredible, and as we get slammed into the photo pit barrier countless times it's clear the crowd are loving every second of this.

Vocalist Lee Tobin is full of charisma and energy, screaming the words to his songs as if it's the last time he'll ever perform them. There is no way on earth that you can get through enjoying alternative music without witnessing Feed The Rhino live at least once; you'll never forgive yourself if you miss them.

Bring Me The Horizon seem to ensure that we wait an eternity before they come on stage, but as soon as they do, to dimmed lights and the occasional strobe flash, the noise from the crowd in this small room is deafening. They open with Shadow Moses and as Oli screams at the crowd we find ourselves screaming right back; it's infectious. The new material works incredbily well live, moreso than we anticipated, and songs from Sempiternal seem to go down better (with us) than the rare glimpses of older material that we witness.

"...'Ow the fuck are we feelin' Leeds?!" roars Oli in between songs, and from the deafening response it seems Leeds are feeling very, very well tonight thank you Mr. Sykes. The older material including Alligator Blood and Chelsea Smile goes down a storm but tonight is all about Sempiternal. As Oli expresses his gratitude to every single person for buying the album, coming to the show, supporting them through five full length albums and countless tours, the emotion is running high and it's blatantly obvious that, unlike some bands, he actually means every single word of gratitude he is saying. It's admirable that (despite the wonderous rumours of the internet) someone so successful can remain so humbled by the support.

In essence, tonight is a thank-you to the fans. Whilst that aspect of the night is more than successful (this is the best reward for pre-ordering an album ever) the fans thank the band with their response too. Bring Me The Horizon just shifted closer to world domination, and the band responsible for the renaissonce of metal have done it again. We are simply blown away.