Bring Me The Horizon / Crossfaith / Empress

Koko, London, UK

First up tonight at one of London’s famous venues Koko, are progressive rock band Empress. The crowd don’t look like they are warming up to them and only a few crowd members are moving around and look like they are enjoying the set. We find ourselves moving around slightly, but this band seems to lack energy. They have the right sound for a progressive rock band that are just starting out, however they need to engage the crowd a lot more. You wouldn’t know you were at a hard rock concert. We can almost hear sighs of relief as they finish off their last song of the set and walk off to a meek sound of applause.

Now the audience wait for the final support act of the night Japanese hardcore band Crossfaith. As soon as they burst onto the stage, the crowd goes absolutely wild. Opening with track Monolith, Koko soon turns into a massive party! Crossfaith’s mix of hardcore rock and electronica definitely has put the crowd in a different mood after Empress. Vocalist Kenta Koie’s vocals are amazing. His throat hurting screams make us open our mouths in disbelief, how can this band not be more well known yet? As we look down from the balcony at Koko, we see that the whole of the standing area has turned into a massive mosh pit. This band certainly knows how to get the crowd moving and having fun. Cover song Omen is the one song that everyone in the venue seems to know, as it as a well-known track, first sung by The Prodigy.  During this track, as we look around, everyone is on their feet moving, moshing and just having a good time and band member Terufumi Tamano dives head first into the audience. This seems more like a rave now, then a rock concert. Crossfaith are certainly one of the most unique bands that we have seen. Their mix of hardcore metal and electronia/dubstep is certainly different than what other bands are doing these days. They end their amazing set with Leviathan, from the reaction they got throughout their set you would think they are the headlining band.

As Crossfaith walk off to cheers, applause and screams the audience now waits in anticipation for the headliners Bring Me The Horizon. This band has come a long way since forming over ten years ago. Recently released album Sempiternal is their greatest album to date and we wait, along with the audience in anticipation for them to finally grace the stage. After what seems like an eternity of waiting, the lights dim and we see each band member slowly take to the stage. As front man Oli Sykes walks on stage you hear screams from several female members of the audience. Opening with Shadow Moses the room erupts with screams and almost everyone starts singing the lyrics back to the band. Shadow Moses is our favourite song from the new album, so this is a great track to open with. We were a bit worried that Bring Me The Horizon would not be playing any of their old tracks from albums Suicide Season & There Is A Hell.... however the likes of Chelsea Smile, It Never Ends, Diamonds Aren’t Forever & Alligator Blood make it onto their amazing setlist.  As much as it is good to hear new tracks, to be able to hear the songs that made us fall in love with Bring Me The Horizon is a bonus. Throughout the set no one seems to notice that ex guitarist Jona Weinhofen has been replaced with new member, keyboardist Jordan Fish. The keyboard was a great element to the band and really fitted in well with the tracks from Sempiternal. Antivist is the second to last song and the audience sing along with Oli ‘Middle fingers up, if you don’t give a fuck!’ erupts all around the venue and bounces off the walls. Everyone is going absolutely crazy and there are about five crowdsurfers all surfing through the crowd at one moment, it is insane. Members of Crossfaith erupt onto the stage and dive into the audience, wanting to enjoy every moment. Second single from Sempiternal, Sleepwalking ends this incredible set. You see the disappointment in people’s faces; they don’t want it to end. As the last note is sung and the last riff is strung, the room erupts in applause and screams. This night has been one of the craziest gigs we have been to in 2013. Bring Me The Horizon show that although they have been together for a very long time, they can still play amazing shows, produce more fans and above all be great inspirations for people of all ages.