The Political Scene In Genres

The music industry is filled with people who never mean what they say, never say what they mean and have one goal in mind which they will do anything to achieve: popularity. In short, the music industry is filled with Politicians, and certainly their petty squabbles are similar to that which Britain experienced in the months running up to the election.

Over on the far left we have the communists: preaching that everyone is deserving of the same standards and treatment, except for our Glorious Leader- Harry Styles. The communist party is of course One Direction, teaching millions of young girls across the world that they are entitled to equal treatment of utter disdain from the state. I find this comparison fitting, especially since the majority of their merchandise is created in China.

To their right is Ke$ha- representative of the Green Party and fully supportive of their policy to legalise marijuana among other drugs. Namely all the drugs.

Labour is representative of the constant, steady stream of Rock: reliable since it's rebellious invention. Constantly working away in the background to a healthy popularity, but has seen a decrease in recent years due to the upturn of pop and Dubstep, the electronic music decreasing the market for the traditional band sound, particularly in the technological advances that can replicate those sounds to a fine degree, the computer control being to the point that far more difficult music- perhaps unplayable to a human- is possible. Despite this decrease in popularity, the rock world is still going strong and sticking to it's values. Actually I've changed my mind, that's nothing like labour at all.

But to continue with the analogy, if Labour is rock, the indie stream of music is the Liberal Democrats, Indie to the extent that they are the same as every other Indie and have thus strayed from their Indie values and are no longer Indie anymore, leading to their dramatic decrease in popularity and the resignation of Nick Clegg. Nevertheless they strive to be radical in a safe and acceptable manner leading to the dying of hair to the precise same shade of bubblegum pink and the wearing of that small black plastic knotted choker, available in the I'm-Not-Like-Other-Girls Starter Pack- all for a special value price of your dignity.

Over to the right is the mainstream pop world, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, all the strong impassioned women who focus on doing the right thing while looking like they could crook a finger and you’d fall flat on your face and simultaneously releasing kick-ass hits, again and again. Margaret Thatcher could’ve done with their tips. They are clearly Conservative, progressing the music world a little at a time, though I dare David Cameron to rock a leotard like Beyoncé. But pop and the Conservatives have both moved on from the flare-filled seventies and a fresh modern, female led world is emerging in both categories.

On the far right is UKIP. Interestingly represented by a Canadian, but the hypocrisy, rudeness and surprisingly popularity- proving the stupidity of mankind- can only be represented by Justin Bieber, still filthy rich but popular among the unpopular- a perfect icon for UKIP’s £640 000 budget which Farage wanted to keep but Carswell most respectably turned down, attained by an appallingly high vote percentage.

However the election is over and the results are in. The mainstream pop world continues as David Cameron unpacks his leotard back at no.10.