10 Future Festival Headliners

1.    Bring Me The Horizon - Following a superb display at a sold Wembley after their anthemic belter of an album Sempiternal, Bring Me The Horizon were rewarded with a sub-headline spot at this year's Reading and Leeds. Surely the next logical step for the hard-hitting metal outfit is a headline spot?
2.    Enter Shikari - Slowly chipping away at the main stage of Reading and Leeds and headlining the second stage of Download with their impressive live show, Shikari are slowly on their way. Latest album The Mindsweep saw their popularity reach unprecedented heights, and it can't be much further before they reach the top.
3.    Royal Blood - Fairly new on the festival scene, but after achieving impressive crowd size before the release of their self-titled debut album, the release of the album has seem them catapulted up the main stage of Reading and Leeds this year. With melting riffs and captivating choruses, Royal Blood are smashing their way to a headline spot.   
4.    A Day To Remember- A band full of massive choruses and crushing breakdowns, and a favourite throughout the entirety of the alternative community, A Day To Remember are working their way up the rankings. And who doesn't want to end their festival night with an encore of Downfall of us All and If It Means A Lot To You?
5.    Deftones- Regularly storming their way through the UK festivals, the resonating and unique powerhouses of metal are only getting better. Chino Moreno's incredible vocals reverberate over the Reading and Leeds main stages as the demonicly heavy live sound of the legendary Deftones ploughs through the audience.
6.    Don Broco- The groovy rockers have formed an impressively large fanbase since the release of debut album Priorities, and the band's renowned live performance has seen them rank up several festival appearances. The fun-loving Broco are set to release second album Automatic later this year, a release that will surely propel them to even higher levels of success as they climb up to headline status.
7.    You Me At Six - If you're around 20 at this moment in time, You Me At Six were definitely your favourite band when you were 14. The monumentally big pop-rockers have amassed a hugely sizable fanbase, with the most recent releaseCavalier Youth debuting at number 1 in the album charts. It is quite surprising how this band are already not able to headline, but it cannot be a long way off by any means. Every rock fan nationwide would swoon at Save It For The Bedroom right? 
8.    Pendulum- Although inactive for several years, there have been literally millions of high-profile rumours swarming the drum and bass outfit about their future. While a future album has been confirmed, the same cannot be said about their future live endeavours. A reunion show for the genre-bending pioneers would certainly see them headline any of the larger UK festivals with their impressive and renowned style. Performing DJ sets at Reading and Leeds has sparked further rumours about a headline spot, but it's just a matter of time before we find out.
9.    Machine Head- Probably one of the more hopeful potential headliners, Machine Head have been floating around the higher ends of festival line ups for years now, and the innovative heavy metal ensemble have their time to step up to the highest position. The pounding vocals of Robb Flynn have been slicing through every metal fan's ears for years now, and it's almost a surprise that Machine Head aren't closer to headline. Also, who doesn't want to close a festival as the crazy breakdown at the end of Davidian hits?
10. Architects- Although a few years and/or releases away from headline status yet, British metalcore giants Architects are closing the gap on that headline spot. Constantly performing at UK festivals and selling out bigger venues regularly, the band are gaining a larger fanbase all the time. Soon, we will all be hearing the piercing vocals of Sam Carter overlapping the technical and brutal instrumental of the rest of the band as the sun sets over the Reading and Leeds main stage. Hopefully, it'll be done while they play Hollow Crown in full.