Its All About Sex

Its all about sex!
The number of musical sex symbols are endless.Kurt Cobain, Jeff Buckley, Mick Jagger, Jay-Z, Pharrel Williams, Bruce Springsteen, Justin Timberlake and oh so many more*.
And that’s for a number of reasons. Like wine, sports and beetroot, music is an aphrodisiac, inspiring love-like reactions in the body, for example: dilation of the pupils, increased heart rhythm and raised body temperature, so our liking for a piece of music can trick our body into thinking we are in love. It’s why there’s always an eruption of music when the hero finally plants his lips on the hot girl we were all rooting for in the first place. To replicate the sensations of love for the listener.                                                                                                 
This dates back to ancient times, and the idea of the muses. They were the supposed love children of Zeus and Mnemosyne- a blend of power and memory, they were said to provide inspiration for artists- musicians included. Weirdly enough they were so attractive that they caught the eye of Zeus. Their father. Enough said.
But in the same way they were considered beyond beautiful, Greek musicians were considered attractive. As shown in the publication “Psychology of Music,” show that if a girl sees a guy with a guitar he is instantly more attractive than without an instrument. Though it was concluded that trombones don’t have the same effect.                                                          
The musical world has always been deeply linked with sex, even in the classical world. Opera features so much sex and death it’s almost not worth mentioning any work in particular, but La Traviata: The tale of a prostitute was very popular in the Victorian era.
Other theories involve links to the BDSM culture, that through music you can’t but help “feel the beat,” and in making your body move in time to the music, the musician is controlling you which shows strength, so appealing to your inner animal who’s instinct is to search for a strong mate. Also deeply involved in sex, successful music is said to be reminiscent of the rhythm of sex, or vice versa, but in one way or another the link is made and if we connect to the music on an emotional level we are aroused.
Ever wondered why it’s so easy to hook up in clubs? And I’m not talking about the alcohol… DJs are very aware of the links to music and emotions, and amplify this effect by using powerful bass speakers, often a little below our hearing range, that vibrate our body in time to the music. Literally making us feel the music.                                                                                
However musical taste is of great importance on an individual scale, possibly due to the rate at which your heart beats, or due to emotional experiences within your life, so it is more difficult to connect with someone through music than through other aphrodisiacs, say beetroot. But when you do connect, that connection is so much more powerful.
* the credit for the list of names mentioned goes to the LA weekly for their list of the top twenty sexiest musicians of all time, which we would definitely recommend.