Warning: the following playlist boasts more variety and palpable riffage than your brain can probably handle. Listen to it, and afterwards you can lie to your friends about how cool, obscure and alternative your music taste is.

1 – The Offspring – One Fine Day
This song’s about drinking, fighting, and partying with the lads apparently. Like the majority of Offspring’s back-catalogue, it’s got a fuck load of “whoa’s” in it, which makes it better than the majority of stuff you already listen to.
2 – Bonobo – Black Sands
Bonobo is a musical genius and a man of many talents. Not only is everything he’s ever produced being absolutely brilliant, this track somehow manages to sound like the soundtrack to an obscure and Russian silent film.
3 – Emancipator – Minor Cause
I discovered Emancipator through a love of staying up late and punishing my lungs. Although he rocks a name that could be mistaken for a death-metal band, he ironically makes the best late night listening there is. Relax and enjoy.  
4 – The Reign Of Kindo – Hold Out
The Reign Of Kindo are possibly some of the greatest musicians on the planet. They’re unique in the sense that their music is a perfectly concocted formula of every good genre out there. I long for the day where I’ll find a band that sound even remotely similar to this band.  
5 – Capital Cities – Farrah Fawcett Hair FT. Andree 3000
This track should be the world’s national party anthem. It’s got a sax solo in it, Andre 3000, and the lyrical content revolves around things that are “good shit”. I like it when I’m tanned.
6 – The Contortionist – Flourish
The combination of riff wankery at the beginning of the track with the epic post-rock sounding clean guitar at the end is simply magnificent. The concept of the album is about the Human Race meeting their inevitable doom, after building a black hole to escape from a monumental fuck up, so technically it’s a soundtrack to the end of the world. Visionaries.
7 – Bleed From Within – Leech
I don’t think you can listen to the beginning of this track and not want to smash your head up and down. It’s just a solid display of tanning the riff from start to finish. 

8 – Justis – Tryn To Live ft. Rufus
Not to be confused with the equally as good Justice. I think this track could be the definition of happy, white, hip-hop. The beats have had thought put into them and are really well produced, whereas his voice just makes me want to get up early and have a really nice day. Cheers, Justis.
9 – Nobuo Uematsu – To Zanarkand
I’d say it’s a decent achievement for a video game composer to make it into the top 100 Classic FM composers of all time, as well as the Final Fantasy concerts touring and selling out venues across the globe. He wrote the soundtrack to my childhood, so nice one, Nobuo.
10 – Maybe She Will – Take This To Heart
English lads from Leicester, who display perfect mastery of the post-rock genre. They’re supporting The Dillinger Escape Plan on their upcoming UK tour, so if you’re going, get down early and check them out.
11 – BK – Revolution
This tune goes hard. It continues to go hard for over eight minutes. 
12 – Novillos Musical – El Sonidito
You might recognise this track off GTA. You might also recognise this track as being the best thing you’ve ever heard. I don’t really understand the idea behind the track. I can only assume that it stemmed from a very late night in a Mexican rehearsal room, involving heavy substance abuse and a Nokia 3310.   

13 - Olafur Arnalds - 0952 

You know those really nice piano tracks you've been hearing in the background of sob stories on channels like ITV? This is like those, but not shit.