C J McMahon Leaves Thy Art Is Murder (Video Feature)

Back in August we conducted an interview with a determined but realistic C J McMahon who went in to depth about the struggles of touring outside Australia, family life around tours and the financially fruitless nature of it all.
Sadly, yesterday, it came to light that this struggle was all too real and these were not the words of a man trying to pull at heart strings but of a man who wears his heart on his sleeve.

In an update from their official social media accounts it was announced that C J McMahon will no longer be a part of Thy Art Is Murder. The band are bidding farewell to the frontman on amicable terms and we too wish C J the best of luck going forward with his dreams of family life. It’s a shame to see a man give up something that he loves but ultimately it is exactly that reason why he must.

For the fans, for the most part, the news has been received with the respect that it deserves. It’s becoming all too apparent that the current music industry is one that is hard for hungry musicians to survive in: a number of talents are utilising crowdfunding to support tours and album releases; there are even campaigns started by the more dedicated fans to crowdfund C J’s wedding.

As for the rest of the band: they will be continuing with the 2016 tour with Molotov Solution frontman Nick Arthur filling in on vocal duties. This has been a welcome comfort for the otherwise devastated followers.

Check out the video below to hear C J’s premonitions, an insight into the Holy War album and his views/experience of life in a touring band in today’s climate.