Our Top Five Albums Of The Year (Clive's Pick)

Black Tongue - The Unconquerable Dark (Album)
An incredible album which constantly entertains. Sounds like it's been dredged from the depths of a tormented soul. It grinds away without a care in the world. The scope of what Black Tongue create is wide and so the promise is high for the follow up release. Possibly the best British Death Metal group around right now.
VASA - Colours (Album)
Fantastic Scottish Folk Metal (without the acoustic instrumentation) with so much energy and performed faultlessly - even though the melodies become familiar after the first listen. The group revel in their re-imagining of the Scottish spirit giving new life to a style that seems long overlooked. From the first tune to the last, you are riveted at the interplay VASA effortlessly create.

Attan - From Nothing (EP)
Immense Norwegian Grind Metal and they've only just started with this, their debut release. Although only an EP (five songs) they bludgeon away without letting up. On the slower songs they still sound energized, as if each member of the group was born to play their part in such an outstanding group. Be ready to be amazed.

Smokey Bastard - Back To The Drawing Board (Album)
Colourful and lively Punk Folk with plenty of tunes to get you moving. They have made Folk so much more interesting by adding the elements not only of Punk but also Prog Rock, Baroque as well as a more up to date view of Folk. You foget that there are traditional Folk instruments in the mix. A crossing point for them and a great album to party to (especially if you're a pirate).

RAM - Svbversvm (Album)
Classic Metal that does the genre proud and then some. This album has all the whistles and bells you associate with that particular genre and aall at once it sounds fresh and sits comfortably alongside albums from the 80s by artists considered to have defined that era. Anything less it just not an option which RAM have considered.
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