Our Top Five Albums Of The Year (Adam's Pick)

Agent Fresco – Destrier

The only thing that we don’t love about Agent Fresco is trying to describe them to someone who has never heard them before, so we won’t, just go listen. Destrier is the second album from the innovative Icelanders and whilst they have continued to explore, develop and hone their diverse sound: Agent Fresco kept all of the sincerity, unleashing another record made up of multifarious flows and feels.  If you’re one of the people who has been lucky enough to hear about Agent Fresco but still yet to live the emotional and wondrous journey of hearing Destrier for the first time, and everytime after: it’s time to get off the fence, seriously, why are you not listening to them yet? The hype is real.


The third full instalment from the tech giants and the second featuring Dan Tompkins on vocal duties is a conceptual journey where the destination becomes irrelevant. Polaris expands in more directions than its predecessors and embraces the bands new dynamics. Polaris continues to bewitch in the same way that made the One and Altered State albums too immersive for most fans to hear one track without listening to the entire opus. If you were to take everything that was noteworthy from One and Altered State, you would be left with a remarkable album, if were you combine that notion with the personal progression of each member, then you will get a truer vision of what to expect in Polaris.

Sikth – Opacities
We waited and waited and we were not disappointed. The six track mini-album came packed with the rawness and riffery that has kept the pioneers ahead of the game 9 years on from their last offering. Although the tracklist is short, the tracks are packed with the untamed and earthy angst that Sikth used to trail blaze from the outset. There’s familiarity in parts and innovation throughout: Philistine Philosophies being a perfect example. The new poem by Mikey GoodmanTokyo Lights may only leave space for 5 contemporary songs but it is certainly deserving of its place on the record: being one of the most ardent and chilling vocal performances yet. The second coming of Sikth may be long overdue but Opacities has fulfilled the prophecies made about them, they will finish what they started.

The ContortionistLanguage (Rediscovered Edition)

 After originally releasing Language with a whole new array of idea and vocal approach, receiving mixed reviews from fans seeking a heavier record, The Contortionist went that extra mile to show the fans what they were capable of. It was the total opposite of what the naysayers wanted but exactly what they needed to hear.
Language (Rediscovered) features 8 additional tracks made up of stripped down acoustic versions of some of their most prominent songs. Language: Intuition and Parable (Rediscovered) in particular bring in a whole new dynamic and it’s just fantastic. The clean layers really bring out the depth and composition in these mesmerising tracks. A Late comer in the year but an instant favourite.

This Is Turin – Cercis

There is no way that we could write any kind of album list from 2015 without mentioning Cercis. If not for the fact that the album will blow your face off and still leave you feeling grateful but for the amount of effort that has gone into this onerous onslaught. As far as debut albums go, This Is Turin have raised the bar right out of the gates (of hell), with a well-crafted culmination tech time signatures, ruthless riffs and ranged roars. From start to finish there is a relentless barrage of brutality that will keep your ears engaged and leave you wanting for more. This Is Turin deserve more than just acknowledgement: Consume/Repeat.
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