Threatpoint - mini-feature

Threatpoint are a Groove Metal outfit from Scranton, Pennsylvania, US. They formed in 2012 and have an EP and two albums. The line is: Chris James (vocals), Alex Olivetti (guitar), Mike White (guitar), Matt Van Fleet (bass) and CJ Krukowski (drums). CJ answers a few questions:

1. How did Threatpoint form?

We basically formed from the ashes of our old bands. Chris used to be in an old band, along with myself and Alex in another band. We knew each other very well as we played several shows together.

2. Apart from personal experiences, has living in Pennsylvania influenced the songwriting and, if so, how?

Not really. Look around at the world. We have a lot of lyrics on the way people behave... it's more like human nature.

3. Each member of the group has their own musical influences, does this lead to musical experimentation or do Threatpoint see themselves as straightforward (Groove) Metal?

We definitely dabble with some different things... we got traces of hard rock, thrash and even a bit of death metal. But at the end of the day it all grooves, so we called it groove metal.

4. What are your plans for the third release, has recording started?

We actually feel that this album is very diverse. This album has fast songs, slow songs but the hook and the groove is definitely there. There's a wide array of sounds and feels on this one. Recording started last week and as of this writing, drums and all rhythm guitars are done... looking at an early 2016 release.

5. Do Threatpoint plan to tour outside the US?

Absolutely! We've been in talks from doing certain festival up in Canada, as well as a few promoters over in the UK. Keep your eyes peeled!