The Top 5 Bands To Look Out For At Hevy

1. The Dillinger Escape Plan - Friday, Main Stage, 8pm
If you're going to Hevy Fest and you don't check out TDEP then you don't deserve to go, I almost feel like I'm insulting you by suggesting you go see them because it suggests you are either unaware of their uncontrollable amounts of awesome or that you're insane, in which case you should be thrown out. Just as a reminder though, they are the kings of math metal, if anyone tells you otherwise hit them in the boob (Don't actually do that, you'll get in trouble). Let this advice resonate until the ends of time, go and experience TDEP, not only with your eyes and ears, but with your soul and endure severe pain, assuming you enter the mosh pit.
2. Black Peaks - Friday, Main Stage, 3:30pm
It's a surprise to see a band who has so recently materialised, performing so high up in the bill alongside such big name bands, and on the main stage, however if you've heard them it may not be so surprising after all. With their distinctly engaging vocals and a style that can only be described as math rock for the Radio 1 generation, expect an undoubtedly enthusiastic performance from this new Brighton quartet, as they try to prove their worth amongst the big name bands. If you've never heard of them do yourself a favour and check them out, you'll thank me once you hear their track, Glass Built Castles.
3. Hacktivist - Friday, Main Stage, 4:30pm
if you've ever wondered what a combination of electro, hip hop, and djent would sound like, then look no further than the Milton Keynes 5 piece, Hacktivist. Probably one of the more unique bands on the lineup but my no means a force to be reckoned with, if rappers combined with big sound and even bigger Kanye West covers are your thing then these are definitely once to see, just watch out for the swagalanch.
4. Betraying the Martyrs - Friday, 3rd Stage, 7pm
Potentially the most delightfully ridiculous performance you’ll see all weekend, with dangerous amounts of energy, keyboard juggling and a deathcore version of the Frozen soundtrack, you’d be crazy to miss out, if not just for the most ironic wall of death you’ll ever experience. Maybe not the most dynamic band in the world, but who cares it’s supposed to be loud, and these guys areputting the Heavy back into Hevy fest.
5. Vales - Saturday, 2nd Stage, 2pm 
If you’re looking for something a bit more atmospheric but don’t want to lose any of that sweet, sweet heaviness you’ve come to love, then I recommend the lovely, Vales. Fronted by the tired and angry vocals of a tortured soul which collaborates perfectly with gloomy guitars and half time grooves. They are not exactly what you’d call a party band, but they have a particular style about them, a very emotional vibe with plenty of spirit and heart, it’s a nice variation compared to all the blast beats and punk rock anthems you’ll no doubt be hearing all weekend.