The Top 5 Bands To Look Out For At Hevy

1. The Dillinger Escape Plan - Friday, Main Stage, 8pm
One of the very few bands I would go to see no matter where they played. You could honestly tell me that Dillinger Escape Plan were playing in the bin shed behind a local restaurant and I'd still be there. They're also one of the few bands that have managed to influence countless musicians, whilst remaining relevant themselves, which is no mean feat. Even if you've never heard, seen, or even heard of the band before, I'd suggest going to watch them this weekend at Hevy. Forget how drunk you are, forget everything else going on around you, and immerse yourself in an entire hour of odd time signitures that somehow make sense, notes you barely even knew existed, and, if previous experience is anything to go off, things you just didn't know any human body could do.

2. Protest The Hero - Friday, Main Stage, 6.50pm
If there was one band that was ever going to be on every single top 5 list for Hevy this year,  it's the Canadian kings of schitzophrenic, chaotic math metal, Protest The Hero. From their debut album Kezia, all the way up to 2013's masterpiece, Volition, they are one band who have always impressed me, and that I've always looked up to, and I still maintain to this day that Rody Walker is one of the most talented, charismatic vocalists in modern metal. Simply put, if Protest The Hero don't leave you open mouthed in shock at the level of skill on display from every member of the band this weekend, you're no longer allowed an opinion regarding music of any kind.

3. The Fall Of Troy - Saturday, Main Stage, 6.50pm
Having used up all the words I would have used to describe The Fall Of Troy to describe Protest The Hero (see above), I could just copy and paste that section and have done with it really. However, that would do either band no justice whatsoever. The Fall Of Troy are quite simply one of the most energetic, awe inspiring live bands I've ever seen. They're also playing every single track from their breakthrough album, Doppelganger, in my opinion, a modern post hardcore masterpiece to be mentioned in the same breath as albums such as Glassjaw's Worship And Tribute and Thrice's The Artist In The Ambulence. If what you're looking for this weekend is to be baffled by how much noise three men can make, The Fall Of Troy are definitely for you.

4. Dave Mc Pherson - Thursday, Acoustic Stage, 9pm
And now, for something completely different. The frontman of seminal UK alt-metallers InMe, Dave McPherson's live show is quite frankly one of the most beautiful things you'll ever witness. Usually covering a lot of his own extensive back catalog, and favourites cherry picked from the band's albums, his performance is heartfelt, raw and emotional in equal measures. If you fancy a little breather before throwing yourself headfirst into a weekend of hardcore, pop punk and metal, you'd do a lot worse than to check him out on Thursday evening.

5. Carnifex - Saturday, 3rd Stage, 8.10pm
Often copied, but never bettered, Carnifex are honestly one of the only Deathcore bands I can still listen to without cringing at how much every single bit of it has been done before (mainly because Carnifex probably did it first). Widely respected for their incredible, crushing live performance, love or hate deathcore, you'll be unable to deny the musician and showmanship on display.