The Top Bands To Look Out For At UKTMF (2)

1.    Heart Of A Coward - 9:30pm Saturday - The metal heavyweights are exploiting the headline spot at UKTMF - in the best possible way. With their crunching heavy riffs, face melting breakdowns and a reputation for having an impeccable live performance, HOAC are not a band to miss, especially just following the release of the incredible new single Hollow.
2.    Slice The Cake - 4:30pm Saturday - Making their first ever appearance as a live act this weekend, progressive metal outfit Slice The Cake cannot be missed. The mind-bending technicality and talent behind this band's music is unmatchable, and this will be a truly incredible set to witness live, particularly for the first time EVER.
3.    No Consequence - 4:30pm Sunday - UKTM favourites are once again bringing their bouncy grooves and lack of care for "normal" time signatures to the UKTMF stage. Producing one of the tightest live shows time and time again, No Consequence will always draw in a huge crowd. Also, don't miss their RATM cover set, subtly entitled "Balls on Parade".
4.    Plini - 7pm Thursday - The European exclusive! Guitar virtuoso Plini is finally bringing his music to the stage - with a full live band. The angelic and soothing grooviness of this music will no doubt leave any watcher completely in awe. Plini is also coming together with Sithu Aye to play through their co-written EP I, a one-off occasion that anyone would be a fool to miss.
5.    The Voynich Code - 2pm Saturday - With a rare combination of death metal influences creeping beneath a delightful veil of grooves and techy riffs, The Voynich Code produce some really special music. With music that radiates energy as much as this does, I can imagine that the live show only furthers this. A band that deserves more exposure and a bigger fanbase, go check them out and thank me later.