The Top Bands To Look Out For At UKTMF (1)

1.    Hacktivist- 9:30pm Thursday - will be headlining the early bird stage. This is one to be there for for many reasons. As any festival goer knows, the first night is the one that sets the pace. The weeks and months of excitement and waiting is over; everyone is here to party without any lack of funds, energy or alcohol. Hacktivist will ignite the stage with their combination of Rap and Metal and no doubt the hangars of Newark Show Ground will be bouncing. Hacktivist are no strangers to Tech Fest after playing the very first event in Alton, 2012. Since then the festival and the band’s reputation have grown exponentially and no doubt they will be returning to the festival with a view to reunite with a bigger and better sound.

2.    Sithu Aye- 4:30pm Friday/11:45 Saturday/4pmSunday - The Scottish virtuoso will be taking us on a musical journey over 3 days. For years there has been on outcry for Sithu to grace the festival with his refreshingly upbeat and progressive instrumentals. At last, this is a reality, an exclusive, and we will get to see him perform Solo: Friday, with Plini on the Saturday: playing the split EP “I” in its entirety, and a guitar masterclass workshop on the Sunday. Sithu Aye is the gift to Tech Fest that keeps on giving. Hats off to Simon Garrod on this one for giving the fans their cake and forcing it down their throats.

3.    This is Turin - 1pm Saturday - are coming to destroy. The band who released their debut album Cercis earlier this year have been hungry for a slot at the Mecca of Techa since the festivals start in 2012. They will not let this opportunity go by unnoticed, they will unleash hell as though it were let out from the Fontana del Frejusand you will not forget as they won’t forgive. With a decade of shows under their belt, the band have this relentless barrage of sensory assault down to a fine art. If you need something to wake you out of the hangover from the night before or to move your face to the back of your skull then be at the Hands on Printing Stage at 1pm.

4.    Agent Fresco- 8pm Saturday/2:30pm Sunday - will be heading over from Iceland to play two sets: One plugged and one acoustic. You can expect a lot from this genre jumping four piece including Tech, Indie, Pop and the most unique vocal lines blended with a variety of time signatures. The energy of the Saturday set will blow you away whilst the Sunday acoustic will give a perfect opportunity to see the well composed set stripped down to its purist form.

5.    Monuments- 8pm Sunday - who have played at every single Tech Fest and have absolutely owned it every time, as much off stage as on it. Each year the fanbase grows and the performance is more refined. Monuments are incredibly hard working and have toured almost non-stop around the globe through injury, transport and visa issues; nothing will stop them from delivering the grooves and vibes that have become a staple at Tech Fest. Mike Malyan and Adam Swan are no strangers to crossovers either, previously chipping in with the likes of David Maxim Micic, Chimp Spanner andThe Algorithm to name a few. The work ethic and stage presence for this band is…Monumental (not sorry)