10 Bands That Broke Up Too Early

1.    My Chemical Romance - THAT emo band that provided the soundtrack to every now 20-something's teenage life. A band that will probably never be forgotten. If The Black Parade wasn't playing throughout your early teens  you were definitely born in the wrong generation.
2.    Lostprophets - Obviously controversial, but casting aside the unspeakable acts of Ian Watkins, this Welsh rock band produced some incredible and ground-breaking music. Try telling me you don't know every single word to Rooftops. Also, wonderful to see the other members of the now deceased outfit continuing under No Devotion.
3.    Underoath - The massively influential old-school metalcore band, who split in 2013, will live long in the hearts of many metal fans, probably most notably with their two (arguably) best releases They're Only Chasing Safety and Define The Great Line.
4.    As I Lay Dying - The menacing and delightful heaviness of the California metalcore band has unfortunately been clouded by the actions of vocalist Tim Lambesis. However it takes away nothing from how much this innovative band will be missed for their incredible work and crushing instrumental. At least we have Wovenwar.
5.    The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - A favourite amongst the more obscure metal fans, the manic and erratic style of the experimental/math metal band has been missed. A completely unique style that has yet to be unmatched by any similar band. Although not releasing the final record they were working on at the time, fan favourites Danza III and IIII are enough to live on.
6.    The Chariot - Spanning 10 years, the band's extremely successful career saw them release five full-length albums, all credited for being unique and exciting. The original mathcore style that The Chariot possessed will echo through in future musicians due to how strongly it was praised within their existence.
7.    Bleeding Through - The legends of hardcore and metalcore enjoyed an illustrious 15 year tenure, releasing some of the most wonderful music that the hardcore community had ever heard, namely The Truth and the band's self-titled as the peaks of the band's music.
8.    Eighteen Visions - Credited as being one of the earliest innovators of the now well-established post-hardcore scene, Eighteen Visions released some of the most inspiring music within their scene, and regrettably broke up shortly after their self-titled release which saw them sign to a major label.
9.    The Crimson Armada - Although only releasing two full-length  albums, the disgustingly heavy deathcore outfit were critically-acclaimed in their short time as a band, signed to Artery and Metal Blade, the band enjoyed a short but sweet success in the extreme metal world, and it's heavily unfortunate that it did not continue.
10.   Pantera - How could anyone leave this band off? If only the mighty groove-metal band could have carried on forever and ever.