About Mute Print

Mute Print aims to give exposure to bands who otherwise might not get the platform to get their work heard. We vow to listen to, review, appreciate, critique and analyse every single release that we receive to our highest capabilities. We hope that our feedback and our opinions encourage you to develop your sound and continue on your artistic paths. We intend to provide the hottest news, reviews of the most energising shows, intriguing analyses of releases from household names to underground, barely-heard-of bands and to listen to our fans, the bands, the music community as a whole and develop to keep you, our audience, with us every step of the way.

Despite all of our staff working to survive, we've all come together of our own accord to express our opinions and to provide the music community with a platform to voice theirs too. Whether you agree or disagree with our opinions, we want to hear your feedback - good or bad. Want something on the site to change? Tell us. We can't make this your outlet as well as ours if you don't let us know what needs doing!

Kick back, grab a coffee (or a beer, legal readers) and engulf yourself in everything music related. We'll have lots to come in the upcoming months and we're incredibly excited to share this with you all.